Time, the greatest of all teachers

Time, the greatest of all illusions

Yet in time, we will discover who we truly are, and the cause of our existence.

Time, patience, growing, willing,   frequency, space, existence, living

All as one or parts of the whole

In due time the Devine plan will unfold




Locked, secured or a trap, locked.
In a prison, stuck in your own mind Trapped in a maze from another time, locked.                                                   Because your mind found a lapse now here you sit full body collapse.       Broken, beatin’, sore written, fighting your muscles to move an inch; having to release that breath, they have not moved, not a flitch.                                     Not having to write long for the keys are sticky, jammed, better yet locked.



How does it feel when the sobering reality becomes real and you see you are not your own?
For Borrowed you are in many directions, never having you for you.
Obligations and Task makes your life a Ferris Wheel of the borrowing Blues.
Whether you just say no, and ride the guilt train later, or say yes just to rid yourself of this favor, those energies have been borrowed.
Not given for they will return so why not send them off on best terms.
So that when they return what Joy it brings, living life in borrowed means.
Life itself, how deeply have you thought?
One day it might turn out, that each breath you draw has been borrowed, with no guarantee for a tomorrow.
And if that is how the truth is found, give of each breath in Peace of Mind.
We must find the top of All Creation, so we know what has been borrowed and what’s stolen from the imagination. Borrowed.

The Pull

The Pull

The pull of the heart, it stretches in all directions

The pull of the heart, how do you prioritize Love?

The pull of the heart in some cases cause death; for the pull becomes so real a physical heart explodes in the chest

The pull of Love, it can pull you up or down

The pull of love will make you wonder which way is the ground, but have you considering even if you want to leave cloud nine.

The pull of Love has caused some to be beaten beyond recognition, they try to pull away but so called Love pulls them back in

The pull of Love causes you to gamble away a paycheck knowing seven hungry babies are at home

Head held low, heart hangs heavy, yet it’s the pull of Love that makes your feet steady to face a disappointed family

The Love you may find in these stories are depressing

I believe the meaning of Love in such cases have been confused, misunderstood or never knew

For Pure Love knows no boundaries

It’s Pure Love that welcomes your imperfections because true Love knows that’s what makes you perfect

Love weathers all things, yea the seasons may change

Thunder, lightning and winds may howl

Yet Pure Love is not the author of these things yet the shelter from the storm

When you feel like the world has your back and will do anything to see you succeed

I think at that point we will discover the Truth in Love

Being pulled by its vortex

The pull of Love.



This has been on my heart and here I am to share it. The Serenity Pray is so powerful. Truly take the time and read the works. For it is not specific to any God or religion. It is a prayer of humbleness, forgiveness and compassion. Serenity, a form of serene, and Serene means peaceful and calm. What this tell me is that the Serenity prayer is one that produces calmness, stillness, awareness and protection. To the point that we all can surrender asking our God to clear the work you need me to do, to give us the strength and the courage in order to get it done, all the while blessing all those we come in contact with. Just wanted to share my random thought. Blessings to all. Later with Love!

Blessings to all that read and understands. My Spirits run high and I wish the best for all things. Yet in this moment I feel a vibration that must be explained, a vibration that is a little low, and the blessit thing is I know why. I am still living in a season where as my Spirit has evolved pass. I know all things are seasons, destined to evolve and I believe I may just be over staying my welcome in one place. Remaining stagnant is not the way of the Almighty so I know I am meant to grow and change, evolve and mold. I just wanted to share a passing feeling of this vibration. It is not so much the feeling I want to portray but the reasonings. All things are lessons in our life, and the one here that we can pull from is the fact, all things must change, and when the change has come and you are stubborn and unwilling to change, and you fight against Divinity, self-inflicted stress, pain and unhappiness would then be the fruit of your labor. My wisdom, Stop living in fear and do what your hearts desire is. Pleasing the heart is to have the greatest life, an understanding that I was blessed with through the Spirit. Be blessed today and Love to all.


The Fall

The Fall

I took a step and felt a force that directed my aimless leg off its self-ordered course

In my mind I set off in the right direction to avoid stumbling or any obstacle, but had these things not taken place I would have cheated my progress

For the direction the force took my leg; the end result I landed on my back

Now to explain how something so simple as a fall could provide a deeper understanding

Again I say my self-ordered step, I believed to be easy and free, but the force led my foot to bash the wall with such a thump, I went forward into the proceeding wall

What kept my face from breaking this interaction, the blessings of my hands created the barrier, but the force was so strong I fell to the right

Funny, actually as I think of it because somehow I ended up directly on my back

In the position that I was falling, you would think my side would have hit, but the force truly directed this path

Now the deeper understanding I will reveal at last,

When I hit my foot, in that moment all went blank, all I could make out was my personal shape and the environment around me

For my mind was blank, yet my eyes full with the sight of my falling body

As my foot hit, in the same moment it seemed, I found myself on my back as I was

And when the conscience thoughts returned they were praises being sent above,

This showed me a few things, for it let me know the default setting that I had come to know are being erased

Where there would have been cursing and anger felt, it was replaced with blessings and a praise to my God for how soft I was held

For in this fall, I knew it was ordained, so I don’t want you to think of a fall, as if I had lost what I had gained

It’s the best word to man that would describe what happened, but when things are ordained, these things have already happened.

It just takes the fertilizer which is time, to bring about the physical combined with the mind, to put into action the prophecy spoken

So I am grateful for this fall, for I am a part of the scheme

I am growing and changing in the way of Glory, for I know God placed his hand between me and the ground

For when I fell it was as if falling on air and as I got up, my passing thoughts were, “Did I hit the ground?”

The God I know, has proven himself to be gentle countless of times.

The lesson to stay humble, for arrogance will destroy you, but being humble keeps you

For it had to be this little stumble from which I learned this lesson

If not the trade-off could have been catastrophic to my soul and being, a near death experience to teach me this meaning.

Now you see how grateful I am

Praises and thanks Almighty for keeping me in your hands

In you gladly I fall.